Registered Charity No. 1001703

A personal note from 

The secretary 

We are a U.K. Registered Charity (Charity No. 1001703) founded in 1983.  The society hassixteen committee members and officers and dozens of outworkers who check homes,

transport dogs and perform any other tasks that need doing.  all our volunteers work from home. We do not have kennels but rely on friendly boarding kennels around the country for which

we pay.  Between 150 and 200 collies come onto the books annually.  The majority are domestic casualties; a smaller proportion are strays.  We deal with only pedigree rough

and smooth collies but we have re-homed the odd cross-breed that has found itself accidentally in our care.  Most domestics are a result of partnership break-ups,

bereavement. change of accommodation, allergies or ill health.  There is also (far too often) the new baby syndrome.  people also tell lies to be rid of their dog when they

have had the best years from him or her or when they have ruined their temperament. Most collies (about three-quarters of the intake) are males.  The average age is 5 years

but there are more older bitches.

We have a non-destruction policy unless a vet advises it would be a better course.

We do not buy or sell dogs but ask for a donation, the amount being left to the adopter. The average amount is £50 but more is sometimes given (usually when the collie is

young).  Older collies of 10 years and over are offered on Permanent Foster when no donation is asked for.  The foster carer feeds the dog at their own expense (unless a

special diet is required) but rescue pays any veterinary costs incurred.

Currently there are around 40 dogs on Permanent Foster.

With regard to fundraising, around the country there are people constantly raising money for the society through exemption shows. sponsored walks, car boot sales,

coffee mornings and on occasion more unusual antics.  Breeders are  often generous when re-homing older dogs and send an annual donation from the amounts they get

for the dog.  Some Collie Breed Clubs also give annual donations.  We have stands at some Club Championship Shows and sell Notelets, Christmas Cards, Calendars

various collie related items and donated bric-a-brac.   Our best shop window is The Crufts Dog Show.  We have a trade stand there selling more exotic items and our

activities have the approval of The Kennel Club. I hope this does not seem too potted or clinical, but I have tried to show as many aspectsas I can.  When you have

read this information, should you wish to help in any way it will be most welcome.

New homes are always wanted for dogs of all ages and needs and we look for people who would consider one of the following options :-


To undertake total responsibility for the care of a dog, assuming the basic criteria of care required is followed.


To undertake the care of a dog on a short term basis to save the dog being in kennels whilst a permanent home is found. A payment can be made towards food if

necessary and the Charity will cover the cost of veterinary care.


To care for an elderly dog where assistance can be given for special diets if needed but all veterinary costs are fully covered, accepting that the older dog may need a greater level of attention by a vet.

We have set up a sponsorship scheme for the elderly Collies who come into our care, needing a special place to spend the remaining years or months of their lives.

Anyone able to sponsor an old dog would receive a photograph and information about their "chosen dog" so that they can follow the progress of the dog throughout the rest of its life.

We would ask that payment is made through standing order or a monthly or yearly cheque.




Collies do need rescue and Collie Rescue needs you, Funds are needed frequently for veterinary care and medicines, all donations received are spent on the care of Collies




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