This was taken from a letter sent to Collie Rescue telling the terrible story of this dog poor dog Amos and is told in his words (was he able to speak)
Dear Mrs. Clark,
I would like to apply to become an honorary member of Rough Collie Rescue.  I would give as my reference my guardian Angel Sally Scally Wag  Tail Durham and the National Canine Defence League who arranged for me to become a member of the Durham Family.

My recent past has been far from happy up to three years ago I had an elderly master with who I went everywhere he became ill and told me that if he should die his will said I would be put to sleep. He had made a will saying his dogs should be put to sleep when he died but my doggy companion died before our master.

His last words to me were I am going to join your doggy companion and in a few days you will join us. Well fate was to decree otherwise. His lady friend decided she could not have me put to sleep but that she did not want me in the house. So she chained me up in a barn with a cow, my muscles became weak and my arthritis began to cause pain after three years I was unable to stand and spent much of my time wishing someone    would give me an injection so I could rejoin my master.

Then one day some stranger came they were from a cat rescue and were trapping the feral cats (my only other companions) when one of them said "Oh my god just look at the state of that dog." Well it was all very cloak and dagger, I was transported first to a small rescue centre and then I was signed over to the National Canine Defence League at Roden.

My ribs showed and I weighed just 16 Kilos I was put in with the elderly dogs. 

Next my Guardian Angel started her mission. Sally had passed away at the end of June and when she realised the earthly medicines she had not  used had been taken to Roden, she saw the chance to play a part in her new role as an angel in her humans lives. They said they would let NCDL have an old settee when they had room, so Mum kept contact with them. Then one day Kerrie my guardian at NCDL said now come on Roy  (I have since been renamed) perk up and try to give a good impression, some Rough Collie addict is coming to see you. Well they Arrived and I really did not feel well enough to impress them, but a quick family conference between Mum, Dad and my sister Susanna brought the conclusion that the poor old man, as they called me, should be given a chance,  if I got on with the cats.

Next day they had to be vetted and I went along just to check out that I got on with cats. It was arranged that I should take up permanent residence  on the 11th of September 2001, a day that was to momentous worldwide. Indeed when Mum and Susanna arrived to collect me I was in the office  at Roden watching the terrorist attack on television. My age is 12 or 13 (not quite sure my memory is hazy) and because of this I am a foster dog and the NCDL pay my vets bills.
Vets do give me the shivers because I was so weak, I nearly got away without being given the chop which is normal NCDL policy for all dogs. However I needed dental work so they ended up giving me the snip at the same time. My stitches were taken out when I first met my new vets. Since then I have visited them weekly to be weighed and now weigh 22 Kilos. Also last week I started a four week course of injections for my arthritis.

I have found that in my new home I have inherited many things from my Guardian Angel Sally, these include leads, dishes some comfy rugs, a coat which thankfully is a nice unisex green tartan, it was a present to Sally from Father Christmas. Like her I wear it when it rains and will Mum tells me I have to put it on when the weather is cold. I have also inherited a toy box with all sorts of different fluffy and squeaky toys. Mum & Dad are trying to teach me what to do with these but please Guardian Angel Sally help as I do not understand.

In final support of my application I enclose some pictures of me scanned from photographs. You will see my coat has been cut short, as it was a matted mess covered in cow clap. When it has fully regrown I will send some proper prints

Hoping my application will meet with your favourable approval

Amos Curly Tail Durham
And his Guardian Angel Sally Scally wag Tail Du
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