This young man was a pathetic stray of about two years old.  All his coat, except that on his head,  had been shorn at some point.  What he lacked in the glamour department he made up for with his temperament and character.  As usual fate was on our side and he was re-homed with a super couple who had just lost their collie. 

Jasper has settled in well  and has made friends with  "Susie" the cat.  He is described by his new owners as a perfect gentleman.  He never chews anything, loves to play with his toys but his favourite pastime is just being loved and cuddled.  He chases round the garden and orchard like crazy.

He began on 7 tiny meals a day as his tummy was too shrunken to take larger meals but is now on 4 meals a day and eventually it is hoped to get him on to 2 meals per day.  He is putting on weight beautifully and his coat, as you can see from the photo, is growing nicely. He has now learned to walk on the lead.

He went down to Grimsby in the motor home for his first holiday on the boat a little while ago.  He took to this like a duck to water so to speak and is now  an experienced "jack tar". 

Although he had been abandoned and weighed only 15kgs when found, Jasper has not given up on humans and his new owners, who we thank very much for giving him a second chance at life, adore him.


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