A scruffy little grey dog, clumps of carpet-like coat matted and in dreadlocks stood forlornly in the unkempt garden where children had pushed him some hours previously. For weeks he had wandered forlornly, looking for a familiar landmark, licking anything in the gutter which might provide a better taste than the old dried bits which cluttered up his mouth,  As yet, he had not found clean drinking water, but the heavy rains of the last few nights ensured plenty of clogged drains overflowing to ensure a drink of some sort.

To cut a long story short this mite found his way to our Rescue kennels, dejected, hang-headed, circling aimlessly and unresponsive to anything. The coat tackled,  nothing for it but to take it all off. Low and behold, a Smooth Collie look-alike, even to the end of his neatly shorn tail! Now unencumbered, this almost white collie blossomed, prancing and wagging his whiplash tail, squatting down for pee and generally displaying all the attributes of a puppy.

Being mid December we were concerned about re-homing for Christmas but when Sheila and Eddie Knight turned up and asked who would give him a Christmas cuddle, presents and lots of treats we knew they had won the argument, and away he went sporting a navy blue coat with a lilac satin edging. Later we learned that his Christmas was spent in a luxury hotel, a model resident come back anytime and New Year over Gloucester way with the younger elements of the family.

In the summer he met the lawnmower. In his own words.  This ugly thing came on to my lawn without warning. I went to inspect it and it growled at me, usually you get a warning when a stranger isn't going to be friendly, they at least show their teeth, but this thing didn't so I growled back. When it didn't back off I went for it, well it is my lawn, and it shut up. Then it had another go at me and came closer so I gave it one more blast and snapped my teeth lots of times but it was a mean old thing, and I thought quite ignorant, so rather than lower myself I lifted my leg, I had just learned to balance on three, and anointed its face.

He is not left alone much at all going everywhere possible with Sheila and Eddie, even to a wedding and gracing yet another hotel.

The humans comment in each correspondence is. We cannot imagine life without him, a real character who has us exactly where he wants us, we forgive him many things, including his ban on visiting cats to our garden, some friends of many years standing. His name, Well, he came to us all washed up like flotsam and jetsam on a beach so, in spite of his new coat growing back into a beautiful blue merle colouring, we called him Jet!

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