A telephone call from the RSPCA in Kent presented us with a rescue situation in duplicate (not an uncommon occurrence I might add) Ted and Lassie.

Both dogs are said to be around 5 years old and were in good condition as they had been in a foster home for 3 months during an official enquiry.  As the pair were dependent on each other they had to be re-homed together. Within a couple of weeks after mentioning them to a prospective home they found themselves living in West Yorkshire.  These very generous people offered to travel all the way to Kent to fetch them so Ted and Lassie came home.  Little was known about their background as is always the way with strays and the family are having fun learning about all their little foibles.

Ted is rather jumpy and does not like the wooden kitchen floor unless of course there is food on it.  He is very playful and tends to pull at your clothes and when you are running with him he becomes very boisterous but responds well when told to calm down. He seems to have a protective nature as he does not like other dogs to come near us.

Lassie on the other hand is very quiet and seems very content and likes to climb on your knee to get a closer hug.

They have both settled in very well, are wonderful in the house, love to be groomed and we are told by their owners that they would not be without them.


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