Hello.  My name is ASTRA and I am about seven years old.


I was taken as a stray to a local dogs home.  There they discovered that I only had partial vision and everyone was amazed that I had survived on my own considering all the dangers I must have met with.

Collie Rescue were contacted and they found me a lovely foster home.  I live with my new ‘mum’ and a companion Sam, another rescue collie who is 11 years old.    .

Mum says I have done really well in such a short time.  I can find my way around very well, avoiding obstacles both indoors and outdoors.  I like to pinch the cushions off the sofa and take them outside into the lovely big garden and play with them there.

When I first came into the care of Collie Rescue I was taken to the vet for an eye examination and it was decided that at present surgery would not improve the condition I have (a form of tunnel vision), but they are going to keep it under review.


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