Hello, I am BLUE and I am 11 years old.


I became unwanted when I was 2 years old.  My owner tired of me and gave me to her father who had no time for me either so he bought me a kennel and put me on a long chain in the yard.

Thankfully I was befriended by an elderly gentleman who visited me every day and took me for long walks but I always had to return to my chain and kennel. Sadly my friend became frail and had to go away to live in an old people’s home.

No one was cruel to me, I was well fed, just unwanted.  Collie Rescue were alerted and they sent me to live with a new mistress who in the past has cared for many collies like myself.  We go for nice long walks by the river and my new home has a lovely big garden to sit in.  At night I have got my very own blanket beside her bed.  What comfort after that kennel.  I have settled very well and I am very happy

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