My name is CHESTER and I am 11 years old.


My original owners had had me since I was a puppy but since they were at work all day I lived outside in a kennel. It was a lonely life and very cold and damp in the winter.  When my owners decided to move they said there was no room for me or my kennel and gave me to the Collie Rescue.


I now have a lovely new home and live cosily indoors. Iíve even got my own duvet.  I share my home with a collie called Shanty who is ten years old, two cats and a cockatiel.


My new owner takes Shanty and I for short walks because my back legs are very stiff and arthritic, probably due to the damp conditions I endured in my original outdoor kennel.

I have a lovely big back garden to sit outside in and a big lawn to play on when I want to. 


I am very happy in my new home with my new owner and my companions.


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