Hello my name is LADY


I am 11 years old and my lady owner died and her husband was not able to look after me properly. I was taken out everyday by a dog walker but this proved to be unsuitable. It was eventually decided I should be re-homed and Collie Rescue found me a new mum as I prefer ladies to men.

I like to follow my new mum everywhere and although he is very kind I am not too sure about my new dad yet but we are working on it together.

I have to share my new home with Ollie the cat. I bark at him a lot and he does not like that but I would never hurt him.

I am overweight and they think I have got arthritis.  I had to go to the vet the other day and he put me on a diet(the spoilsport) and he says I have tendon and cartilage damage but otherwise I am in good health.

I am now happily settled in my new home and get on well with Freddie and Tizer my Collie housemates


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